if you wanna be yourself, you’re in the right place

You’ll feel calm, content, and confident living the consistent daily habits you want so badly. #feelyourselfagain

  • I know you’ve tried so many things.
  • You’ve read book after book about how to change your mindset, feel better, and have healthier habits.
  • When you start a new program, you hope all your work will pay off #ihope

It’s important to know what’s missing to have success is … not about you. It’s a knowledge gap. Once you have the tools to feel grounded + motivated, healthy habits will be more automatic and natural.

If you’re thinking, ‘this is just who I am’ and feel stuck, you’re in the right place. You’re already putting in the effort.

We’re just going to tweak the direction.

Make confident choices, feel better emotionally, and live healthy habits. #beyourself

What’s your current thought process?

Get the interview with yourself guide to see your current thoughts and feelings that may be keeping you stuck. #justforyou

The Self-Esteem School®

Ready to be yourself, living the habits you want so badly?

It feels so good in your skin when you’re doing what you planned. #authentic


‘I knew what I wanted to do. At that point, it was kinda a dream. I believe in myself, but I need more than that. There’s… times you have this dream you want to do and you feel great about it, and there’s days you don’t feel great about it, and you need to know how to traverse through that and having someone that’s gonna help you with your mindset and so many of the valuable things (Christie) taught me.’


I had this inkling, there was something deeper that I wasn’t able to accomplish the things I wanted to. I knew there was something I needed to address but didn’t know what it was. So many sessions, I would walk away with my mind blown. I know myself so much better.’


‘Like many women, I’ve struggled with low self-esteem and negative thinking, and thought that’s just the way I was, and I had to accept it. I always stayed in this stagnant place of, ‘I’m somebody who just suffers with this, and that’s just the way it is.’ I no longer have to worry about trying to figure out what’s wrong and fix it to be OK. I can be calm, confident, and in control no matter what.’

Genuine confidence starts on the inside.