Do you feel pressure to say the right thing

Feel like you have to say the right thing?

For example, ever share an idea in a group and then immediately regret it?

Or maybe you were at a party, having a great time, but on the way home you started wondering: Why’d I say that?

Those fears aren’t necessarily an indicator that you did anything wrong.

So let’s look at why that fear comes up:

  • Do you want them to like you?
  • Do you want them to listen?
  • Do you feel pressure to say something when you don’t have anything to say?

Good to know.

When you know why you feel uncomfortable in a conversation, that gives you the steps to be authentic.

We put them into practice and see immediate improvements in how you feel. 

When we work together 1-on-1, we cover what it looks like to feel confident in conversations for YOU.

Without the fear you’ll be arrogant, or the pressure to say the right thing.

That’s what being authentic is all about. Natural confidence is calm, refreshing, and puts others at ease.

You’ll feel at ease too…even with new people. 

And even if you felt uncomfortable around people before, you’ll have a new way of being that helps you drop the pressure to ‘say the right thing.’

You won’t have to fake anything. You’ll be genuine.

And the best part is, once you learn these skills,  you have them for life.

Schedule a consultation now, and I’ll share how we’ll accomplish this together. We’ll also look at specific situations where you want to feel more confident, and then do it. 😉

I’ve helped dozens of people feel authentic, in their skin.

And it doesn’t matter old you are. I’ve worked with people from 15 – 50 plus. Schedule a consultation here.

See you soon,


P.S. One client shared:
 My mindset is different since I’ve been talking with Christie. And since my mindset has changed, my feelings have changed, and that has made a change in my experiences being more positive. I feel more clearheaded than I ever have, and I feel more in touch with who I know am.